A bowl of moon shaped Tie Dye Rainbow goat milk Bath Bombs with sweet citrus scent

Tie Dye Rainbow goat milk Bath Bomb with sweet citrus scent

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Experience blissful pampering with our Rainbow Bliss Bath Bomb. Spectacular in its crescent moon shape, this luxury bath bomb creates a vibrant rainbow in the tub. Let its fizzy effervescence hydrate and soothe with goat's milk, while the scent of citrus-infused oils envelop you. Handcrafted with care, it's a perfect indulgence or gift for relaxation, evoking a sense of enchantment to any self-care ritual. Let the kaleidoscope of colors embrace you as you soak in the sheer delight of calming bliss.

-Lemon, orange & citronella essential oil blend

-Rainbow from ethically sourced mica

-Warm red bathwater

-Natural ingredients

-Use for a moment of pampering