Flora & the First Day of Spring by Kathleen Converse and Eanna Sultanova

Flora & the First Day of Spring

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When Flora's spring equinox is almost ruined by a series of small mistakes, she has to find a way to turn things around and make her own magic. Flora’s spring equinox activities don’t go as planned. From paint spills to accidentally broken eggs, anger, frustration, and sadness almost ruin her day. Using grounding and breath work, Flora’s able to calm her body and regulate her emotions to make the most of the start of the season.

Celebrate the Wheel of the Year with Flora and her friends in Flora & The First Day of Spring, the first book from author Kathleen Converse’s new sabbat series. This sweet and simple book includes a series of illustrated spells following the story as well as back matter on spring equinox celebrations.

Illustrated by Hanna Sultanova, Flora & the First Day of Spring will be the perfect addition to Ostara baskets for children growing up in nature-based households.

A first printed edition (2021) hardcover copy with spot UV cover detailing.

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