Handmade  hollow Wooden Eggs that open

Hollow Wooden Egg

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 Wooden Eggs that open and perfect for Play Kitchens and Spring Celebrations

Hand-carved Natural Linden Wood Hollow Wooden Egg is an ideal surface for decoration and crafting projects. Measuring 2.75" in size with an inner diameter of 1.5" and a flat bottom for self-stabilization, this high-quality egg comes unpainted with potential natural imperfections. Wood putty can be used to fill any imperfections and provide a smooth canvas for artwork.

Golden Cockerel has been making authentic Russian nesting dolls since 1993. We are a small friendly company based jointly in Boone, North Carolina, AND St. Petersburg, Russia. We have produced thousands of nesting dolls of their own unique designs in their  Russian doll workshop. Our nesting dolls are crafted with the highest standards of quality and authenticity, so you can count on a timeless collectible that you and your family can treasure for years to come

Special Message: There is a war on, folks. In response to Russia's deplorable invasion of Ukraine, the US has waged economic war on Russia. While well intended, the sanctions hurt large and small, oligarchs and artisans, and have greatly hindered our 29 year old business. While we hope to stay afloat, the hurdles we now face importing from Russia are many. The cost of shipping goods out of Russia doubled overnight, and US Customs now charges huge tariffs on our products once they arrive, many of which used to be duty free. In the coming days many prices will be adjusted to include new shipping rates and tariffs. It is our hope that this is a temporary necessity and peace will prevail.